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Spirited Action Network: bridging spirit and social change
Information meets community
in our member-driven online hangout.

Our signature offering is membership to what will become a national network of social activists, thinkers, healers, change agents and communicators bonded by a shared vision of peace and working to integrate awareness practices into their lives and work.

Bringing ancient wisdom to modern technology and issues, Spirited Action Network offers ways to stay connected to the larger whole, which is necessary to sustain healthy community and world relations.

  • IMAGINE Black Baptist AIDS activists, Native American literacy pioneers and Jewish lesbian prison reform advocates meeting from the Bay Area to Chicago, London to New York to engage, support and inform one another's' work.
  • ENVISION gatherings rooted in the firm foundation of trust created by universally shared practice and deepened mutual understanding
  • CONSIDER the expanded possibilities with access to relevant information, useful technology and broadened communications
  • BEHOLD the transformation created by the opportunity to share who we really are

Spirited Action Network is where our Members, Allies and Associates go to stay connected and up-to-date on the events, news and happenings of urbanPEACE. With forums, calendar, volunteer listings and more, its our dynamic, full-featured community portal, It's also where you'll be able to meet and exchange with other members. Interested in the forming an urbanPEACE practice circle? Want to learn about becoming an organizational affiliate? Or maybe you want to explore becoming a member of the Urban Peacemaker Order. It's all here where spirit meets action.

Open to urbanPEACE members and nonmembers alike, it's free for all, so click here to visit the Spirited Action Network now.


INcite: Journal for Spirit and Social Change
What happens when you take a look at urban culture, music, entertainment and even fashion through the lens of peace? You get INcite (insight), that's what. Scheduled for launch in early 2003, with a sneak preview this fall, urbanPEACE's inhouse journal will focus on the people behind the celebrity, the humans behind the hype.

Find out more about how your favorite singer, movie star rapper or baller are contributing to the culture of peace...or not.
INcite will also cast a spotlight on innovative thinkers bringing hip and savvy to doing good for the community and their lives.

 Wednesday, January 1, 2003