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urbanPEACE develops its ability to be responsive to the complexity and ever-changing needs of the urban landscape. Our projects use an integrative approach that embodies education, practical action and support informed by these simple ideas:

1. Start where you are
2. Use what you have
3. Share what you learn

To that end, rather than being rooted in a particular "issue" such as AIDS, literacy, or youth leadership, urbanPEACE's projects can address any of those issues: anything that supports urban peacemaking.

Our diverse project choices reflect an ear-to-the-street sensibility that bears witness and responds to the needs in front of us. We offer other short-term projects, events and workshops that are immediately accessible and relevant to the public and our forming membership.

Recent projects include:

Warrior-Spirit Training: cultivating practical insight
Radically-empowering practices that blend modern practicality with ancient insight. It is an education in process and balance that provides a bridge between ancient insight and modern practicality designed to open the doorway to approaching life with a greater sense of empowerment, personal courage and authenticity...and to keep it open.

The trainings are a collection of highly effective techniques and exercises designed to offer the insights gained through spiritual practice in a universal format that is both effective and applicable to the modern environment. Here, East meets West, Science embraces Spirit, Soul tempers Technology and Knowledge is empowered by Understanding. [more…]

urbanPeacemaker Order: spirited action for peace
Spiritually informed social activism within the urban environment. The Order is a modern peace army for those interested in making a formal committment to actualizing peace in your own life and beyond. Service, study, integration, practice and reflection leading to transformation. Firmly rooted in awareness, supported by community. [more info shortly]

September 11-Remember: a digital monument
Dynamic online tribute that increases awareness of and sensitivity to the human loss experienced by all as a result of the September 11 tragedy located at: Averaging 15,000 visitors each month and growing, the site continues to be a resource that dramatically puts the individual lives lost in perspective and offers a place for reflection and solace in the absence of a permanent memorial. [more…]

urbanRETREATS: meditation for the masses
Ongoing half day long meditation programs offered in urban locations for low fee or free. The accessible format creates a safe, open forum where participants learn how to use universal awareness practices to better manage difficulty aspects of life and to explore the individual and collective experience of meditating as a group. [more…]

newDharma Series: ancient wisdom, urban life
Groundbreaking public talks creating space for urban communities to be introduced to the world's transformative ancient wisdom teachings as offered by people of color. [more…]

seeingINSIDE: incarcerated awareness for youth
In cooperation with Lineage Project, urbanPEACE-trained guides bring awareness practices, including free-form writing, sitting and moving meditation to incarcerated and at-risk youth. Weekly and monthly classes are intuitively directed in a dynamic format that responds to the individual participants needs. Youth improve self-esteem by building skills in anger management, stress reduction, leadership, alternative conflict resolution and peer communication. [more…]

 Wednesday, January 1, 2003