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urbanPEACE: New Dharma Freedom Fund
Often the very same individuals that wish to explore or deepen the relationship between awareness and social transformation are the ones that cannot afford to. The Freedom Fund will offer grants to cover expenses, room & board, even stipends to cover lost wages for one-day to full week retreats with any spiritually-oriented organization, religious or otherwise that demonstrates a committment to racial and socioeconomic diversity within their membership.

Funded by both the generous donations of individuals and organizations as well as by Day of Reflection missed meal offerings, the fund acknowledges that while only the individual can walk the path to freedom, for the greater god of us all, the community can support their journey there.

You can support the Freedom Fund now by making a donation here.

Social Entrepreneurship: returning profits, empowering peace
urbanPEACE/Services returns a percentage of profits from the sale of internet and telecommunications services to the UrbanPeace Community Trust Fund which funds support services & training for our network of affiliate members in their efforts towards peacemaking. Services include Web Hosting, Long Distance, Wireless and more.

 Wednesday, January 1, 2003