Take a stand, sit for change Sit-a-thon

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Vendor Policies and Procedures

Application Procedure:

To apply for a Sit-A-Thon space, please fill out the attached application form and mail with your check, cashier's check or money order or apply on line at http://transformativechange.org/sitathon.html no later than August 15, 2009.  Space is limited and applications and space allotments are made on a first come, first serve basis, with preference to returning vendors and on type of merchandise.  Late applications will be considered only if space is available.  Forms must be returned to: Sit for Change Sitathon,  2584 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704.

Cancellation Policy: In order to qualify for a refund, cancellation request must be made in writing by August 9, 2009.  There will be no refunds given for cancellation after that date.

Items for sale: Only items pre-approved by the Take a Stand, Sit for Change Committee may be sold at the Sit-A-Thon. The Center for Transformative Change maintains the right to exclusively sell t-shirts and souvenir items related to the "Take a Stand, Sit for Change" Sit-A-Thon.  Space may not be assigned, sold, traded, or shared without previous arrangements.

Trademark: The Take a Stand, Sit for Change Sit-A-Thon reserves the exclusive right to the use of its name, logo and symbols thereof.

Clean-up: Each vendor is responsible for the condition of his/her space during and after this event.

Flyers: Unless otherwise authorized, the Sit-A-Thon Committee does not permit, within the Sit-A-Thon boundaries, any distribution of printed materials, sampling, hawking, panhandling or soliciting.

Sales Tax: All sellers must possess a resale number.  Sellers will collect taxes and will be responsible for all their own sales and collections.  A resale number can be obtained from the California State Board of Equalization. Applications are not complete without submiting a valid resale number with application.

Space Fee:

Businesses, & Craft Booth: There is a fee of $108.00 for a 10' x 10' space.  Vendors are responsible for all their own equipment including booth structures. Should you require tables, chair or tent please notify the Sit for Change Committee prior to the event.  There is a charge for these items (see below). No electricity will be provided for vendors. No percentage of sales will be taken from vendors.

Affinity Tents: There is a fee of $75.00 for space in theme tent: Health and Well-Being, Mind, Body and Spirit, Green Alternative, Healthy Lifestyles and Eating. Each Affinity tent will house experts in their prospective areas and provide demonstrations, activities and information as to how on how Sit-A-thon participants and become actively involved.

Responsibility: The Sit for Change Sit-A-Thon Committee Center for Transformative Change, and their employees and boards of directors will not be held responsible for any deprecation or loss of any kind, whether by fire, theft, physical violence, elements of nature or other causes, however originating, Insurance to cover these risks should be carried by the participants at no cost to the Sit-A-Thon.

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