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Our Audience

Our primary audience are individuals, groups and organizations who work for social change world and those interested in creating change in their life, work and community.  This audience is also interested in improving their Health & Wellness, Sustainable Green & Eco Living, and Natural | Healthy Lifestyles.

About us

The Center of Transformative Change (CXC). CXC is the first national center entirely dedicated to bridging the inner and outer lives of social change agents, activists and allies to support a more effective, more sustainable movement of social justice for all.

How can you get involve and make a difference

We offer companies and organizations several Sponsorship entry points: Corporate Sponsorship, Team Sponsorship or Donation Sponsorship.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Gracious Circle ($500 - $999)             

•   Listing on Sit-A-Thon Website

•   Name in print advertising

•   Two free enrollments into fearlessMeditations Classes

•  One (1) tickets to Sponsorship Thank You Brunch

Magnanimous Circle ($1000-$4999) all of the above +

•   Recognition from Podium

•   Profile Event Booth Location

•   Logo (not just name) in email event invites

•   Company Logo on T-Shirt and Gift bag and other marketing products

•   Logo | name in printed event postcards & posters

•   Goody-bag Exposure

•   Four free enrollments into fearlessMeditations Classes

•  Two (2) tickets to Sponsorship Thank You Brunch

Visionary Circle ($5000 - $10,000+) all of the above +

•   Co-Branded Website, Print and broadcast media Advertising

•   Listing in Transform. Newletter

•   Physical Signage | Banner at event

•   Eight free enrollments into fearlessMeditations Classes

•  Two (2) tickets to Sponsorship Thank You Brunch

Team Sponsorship:

Sponsor a Company Team or Community Organization Team to Sit in the human container the 108 Mala for Peace that encircles the main center of activities. A team consist of ten (10) individual each is of the team represents a bead in the 108 Mala.  A sponsorship for a team $2,160.00 or you can sponsor our super Changemakers Bead for $1,080.00

• Team sponsorship include unique colored T-Shirts of each member of the team with your company logo featured on the back of the shirt.

• Company or Logo placement on key print advertisement & marketing materials

• Members of your Team will receive a Gift Bag and discount coupons from a variety of partners, vendors and sponsors.

In Kind Donations:

Your in kind Donations of  products, merchandise and or services will also qualify you for our various level of sponsorship

$500 - $999 - your business will qualify for the Gracious Circle

$1000 - $4999 - your business will qualify for the Magnanimous Circle

$5000 - $10,000 - your business will qualify for the Visionary Circle

For detail on each category please refer to Direct Sponsorship

Proceeds of SIT FOR CHANGE will benefit the Transformative Change Fund. The fund was created to develop national low and no-cost inner awareness programs, including meditation and yoga, to encourage and empower individuals doing work to change the world to lead more balanced, compassionate, sustainable lives. The Fund is housed with Center for Transformative Change, a 501c3, nonprofit educational organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Sponsorships opportunities

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