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Support, Sit, Contribute, Team


Be ONE of 108* Changemakers to SIT For Change

Activists, Organizers, Advocates...  the people on the front lines.  Whether full or part-time, on the streets or in the office, these are the people that work for change EVERY DAY.

When these agents of change are supported in living balanced lives of compassion, presence and sustainability, they’re empowered to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE THEY CAN BE in doing their work for change every day.

We're asking YOU to sit, knee-to-knee, as ONE of 108 ChangeMakers for 108 minutes straight and pledge or raise 108 dollars. Your pledge to SIT symbolically expresses your commitment to REAL change.

Your pledge of $108 helps launch the Transformative Change Fund to make that symbolic act a reality. The Fund helps activists cultivate their inner lives of compassion and presence so they can become more effective as agents of transformative change. The pledge of your friends, family and colleagues shows they stand behind you as you SIT for Change.

Individual Activist Register Participants:

Pledges made in divisible or multiples of 108 are great: $9, 18, 27, 36, 54, 108, 216, 540, and 1080.

It just takes each of us, ONE by ONE to Take a Stand and SIT for Change.

How to sign up as an Individual, team or participate as Superhero for Change in the Peace Mala: Go to http://www.transformativechange.org/sitathon.html and register online

Support, Sit, Contribute, Team

SUPPORT here. Come SIT & SUPPORT in Berkeley: (Register to Support) as a Participant and show your support of the 108 Change makers by literally sitting behind them just outside the Circle of Change.  Supporters can get up, move, stretch, and take a walk or whatever they need to do.

Pledge or raise $108 or more as a Support Sitter.

SIT wherever you are. Near or far, you can sit for 108 minutes straight or just 10. CONTRIBUTE to the 108 Change makers as a Virtual Sitter and ask others to support REAL Change. The 108 Team's goal is $11,664 ($108 x 108 people). Help us reach our goal.

CONTRIBUTE. Of course you can just join in to help us mark the movement towards REAL Change.  CONTRIBUTE to the 108 Change makers now and incite REAL change.

TEAM: Form team with friends and family, community group members and or co-workers to Sit in the human container the 108 Mala for Peace that encircles the main center of activities. A team consist of ten (10) individual each is of the team represents a bead in the 108 Mala.  As a team you pledge or raise $1,080.00.

• Team sponsorship include unique colored T-Shirts of each member of the team with your company logo featured on the back of the shirt.

• Team Members will receive a Sit-A-Thon Gift Bag with, a thank you gift, discount coupons and products from a variety of partners, vendors and sponsors.

How to participate

Be a Changemaker

Join or Form a TEAM

Contribute to Change



ConTact us

Center for Transformative Change

For additional Information on how you can participate call: 510.549-3733

Online Registration coming SOON!